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Meet the team

Meet the leaders who have helped to grow and expand this alliance in all areas. While not all of our amazing leadership is represented here, These 5 Pilots represent the respective teams and departments that form our core.



Responsible for overseeing all contact between the alliance and the outside world. and part of the governing body known as the Secretariate


Beaches Becray

Responsible for overseeing internal financial operations, and head auditor for the alliance, also part of the governing body known as the Secretariate


David Davaham

Responsible for developing and maintaing alliance IT assets, including our custom web portal. also a Member of the Secretariate.
Creator of third party application

His GitHub Is Available here


Chayse Ramsay

Lead Skirmish Commander for the alliance, as well as a Jr. FC for Spectre Fleet. Responsible for leading small roams, and large fleets.


Talaan Fulksayyan

Head of alliance Recruiting, and overseer of the alliance recruitment team.

C.E.O.  of Massive Dynamics
C.E.O. of Ember Syndicate

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